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BeautyFact | 4 November 2022

Victim of reactive hair loss?

Hair loss in autumn? Try our natural tips to counteract seasonal hair loss.
Routines BeautyMix | 6 October 2022

Top 3 beauty gestures to adopt this fall

What if you adopted these 3 beauty gestures this fall?
Care | 1 September 2022

With Pur Control, you will love fighting your imperfections!

Pur Control, the new routine to fight your imperfections.
Les ingrédients BeautyMix | 1 September 2022

SPOILER ALERT: YES to cinnamon in homemade cosmetics!

Quickly discover our new active ingredient based on cinnamon extract.
Routines BeautyMix | 2 June 2022

Anti-stress routine during exams!

A special routine to manage stress, 100% natural and Made in my house.
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 6 June 2022

A box for all dads!

Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 1 June 2022

Eczema, what is it?

Gebhard Sophie
Care | 25 April 2022

A gift idea for Mother's Day?

For Mother's Day, BeautyMix is offering the "Pour toi Beauté" box set, especially for the occasion and in a limited edition. For a guaranteed well-being routine!
Gebhard Sophie
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What recipes to make with cocoa butter?

Discover the gourmet and chocolate box: "Beauty sweetness of cocoa". In limited edition for Easter 2022!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 17 January 2022

Why does my skin react badly to the cold? 😔

Know your skin's reactions to cold and heat. We explain everything in this blog post!
Gebhard Sophie
Les ingrédients BeautyMix | 29 January 2022

Top 3 ingredients for winter!

We are going to reveal the top 3 ingredients to use in winter and to integrate into your winter routine!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 27 January 2022

Take care of your feet in winter

To have beautiful feet in spring/summer, it is important to take care of them all year round. In this blog article, we give you all the tips to pamper them!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 27 January 2022

How to have beautiful hands even in winter?

Tired of rough, dry hands and chipped nails? Do not panic, this article is made for you!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 25 January 2022

Should you protect your skin from UV rays in winter?

Many people think of putting on sunscreen in summer, but in winter, we have less of a reflex. We tell you everything about the harmful effects of the sun during this season!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 23 January 2022

Homemade cosmetics for the WHOLE family!

In this article, we will explain why and how you can make your cosmetics for the whole family and without risk!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 21 January 2022

Take care of my lips in winter!

In winter, chapped lips appear and it is neither pleasant nor aesthetic. So how do you take care of it and avoid this inconvenience?
Gebhard Sophie
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Routines BeautyMix | 19 January 2022

How to create your routine for this winter?

During the winter, your skin is the first barrier with the outside and will therefore be the first to suffer from it... Go from your summer routine to your winter routine with homemade cosmetics!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 31 December 2021

BeautyMix passes in "Who wants to be my partner?"

On Wednesday January 12, 2022, Nelly Pitt, founder of BeautyMix, appeared on the show "Who wants to be my partner?" on M6 to present his project to the six investors!
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 16 December 2021

Everything about our solid conditioner!

Gebhard Sophie
Care | 10 December 2021

How does my solid makeup remover work?

Gebhard Sophie