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Ahhh, the angry article ... We're going to talk about aging skin! Rest assured, no one escapes this phenomenon. Here we will explain the mechanism involved and the ways to try to mitigate / slow down this phenomenon.

What is the skin?

The skin, like any other organ in our body, will be subjected to the effects of time. This effect, although common to all, can nevertheless be more or less early and visible depending on the way we take care of our skin during our life (extrinsic factors) but also according to our own genetics (intrinsic factors. ).

The skin is in permanent renewal, that is to say that some of our cells will die but will be replaced by new ones. A skin cell renews itself approximately every 28 days . However, as the skin ages, cell renewal slows down and can exceed 30 days causing the oldest cells to build up, and therefore causing a duller complexion and thickened skin.

In addition, over time, the activity of the sweat glands (secreting sweat) and sebaceous (secreting sebum) will also decrease and therefore the hydrolipidic film present on the surface of the skin will be insufficient . As a result, the skin will be less flexible and will dry out quickly.

The dermis will also lose elasticity and will generate less smooth skin, hollowed out by wrinkles.

Finally, the number of melanocytes (cells synthesizing melanin) will decrease causing the appearance of irregularities and pigmentation

The extrinsic factors that can accentuate the aging of the skin are the sun , tobacco , stress , an unbalanced diet , skin dryness , sedentary lifestyle , pollution and dehydration . All these factors will generate the production of free radicals promoting this aging.

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Our advice to mitigate the effects of time ...

Your diet is therefore a first element to fight against this oxidation! Avoid as much as possible a diet that is too processed, with pesticides, heavy metals and as much as possible, opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants that will fight against this oxidative stress.

In addition, good sleep improves the condition of your skin; in fact, it regenerates at night. It is therefore important to create a little cocoon before going to bed and to have the best conditions to sleep fully.

It is also strongly advised to protect yourself well against the sun's rays from an early age in order to avoid the future effects of aging.

Focus on wrinkles

It is the number one enemy of all women ... After a certain age, fine lines and wrinkles appear. And this is the characteristic element of the aging of our skin ...

Two main proteins form our skin: collagen which gives firmness and suppleness and elastin which allows the skin to have good elasticity and to regain its initial shape after being stretched. However, with time, our two allies are becoming scarce ... And hello the marks on the face.

To fight against this phenomenon, hydration of your skin is essential! Skin that ages without being hydrated will, by analogy with an apple, begin to wilt. Good hydration through the use of cream / serum is essential to maintain the youthfulness of your skin and prevent the accentuation of wrinkles. 

Creams, serum, based on antioxidants (vitamin C and E) can improve the elasticity of the skin and fight against oxidation.

Do not hesitate to use an oil adapted to your skin type (example: rosehip oil) in order to strengthen your lipid skin barrier.

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What about homemade treatments?

At Beautymix, we offer you recipes based onanti-aging active (composed of cherries and savory), ingredient rich in vitamin C to fight against free radicals and therefore against the phenomenon of oxidation. Do not hesitate to add it to your cream day, night and even in your eye area!

In addition, the gel de lin, highly hydrating active ingredient, will help fight against age-related dryness of the skin. As an eye contour or as an ingredient replacing water in recipes, it is a real ally.

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  • Nathalie Baly on 09/18/2021 16:47:58

    Merci pour cet article.

    Lorsque nous avons un cancer hormonodependant nous sommes victimes d un traitement qui va nous faire vieillir la peau.

    Mais en parallèle il nous faut éviter les huiles essentielles hormon likes, oestrogènes likes qui vont mimer l action de différentes hormones.

    Et lorsque nous nous lançons à réaliser nos produits de beauté ou que nous les achetons tout fait.
    Il faut prendre connaissance de cette contrainte.

    Et là nous sommes confrontés à des articles de presse très différents.

    Il y a un vrai travail à faire sur ce sujet...

    Car lorsque nous sommes victimes d un cancer, on remet tout en question et notamment confectionner ses produits de beauté...