Solid cosmetics - Pros & Cons

Simply make your own solid products!

Solid products and particularly solid cosmetics respond to the current trend of nomadism , for "clean" , natural and above all zero-waste beauty. While many brands currently offer solid product ranges, the compositions are not always there. Have you ever deciphered the label of your solid cosmetic? Have you ever wondered what impact certain ingredients have on your skin and scalp? But above all, do you know the SCI?

Why run away from SCI?

SCI of its name INCI Sodium cocoyl isethionate seems ideal for solid products because of its solid or powdered appearance, which provides a creamy foam! Unfortunately this ingredient has a manufacturing process polluting the planet. Moreover, this is why it is not authorized by the certifiers of organic and natural labels .

Today, there is a real enthusiasm on the part of the various suppliers on the environmental impact. They offer raw materials that meet the specifications: organic, natural, biodegradable, respectful of the skin, etc.

Thanks to this offer of new ingredients, it is possible to make a beautiful range of soft solid products that respect our skin and the environment.

What are the advantages of solid products?

Solid products only have advantages over liquid products. But what are they?

  • It's ecological : you get rid of all the unnecessary containers and you keep the essential: your product!

  • It's economical : for example, a solid shampoo represents three bottles of liquid shampoo.

  • It's convenient : no need to travel with large bottles that take up space in your toiletry bag. You can take your product anywhere without it taking up your space.

The little extra ? If you make your solid product yourself, you can customize it to your needs for a " Made in My Home " product.

But, when will it be possible to make all your solid products yourself with BeautyMix? From November 5, 2021, we will unveil an exclusive solid range! 

In the meantime, you can already make your solid deodorant whose recipe is just right here.

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  • Warembourg Coralie on 08/21/2022 11:41:37

    Même question que posée en mai et novembre : avez-vous une recette de savon solide ?

  • COLOTTE Nathalie on 05/29/2022 13:27:29

    Bonjour, quelqu'un aurait la recette pour faire du savon solide classique ?

  • Lemaître Camille on 11/28/2021 05:40:02

    Bonjour, je souhaiterais savoir s'il était possible de fabriquer des pains de savon avec le beauty mix ?

  • NATUCCI Véronique on 11/08/2021 11:28:04

    Le déodorant solide sera-t-il avec ou sans bicarbonate de soude ?