What if we changed the way we consume?

We all have different consumption habits, dictated by society, our culture and our education ... The world that we were a few years ago is no longer what it is now and our planet has known many changes for the most part ... negative. We must therefore act and adapt our lifestyle and consumption mode to the current world. 

It is more than important today to be aware of these changes often due to human activity and to act differently to limit the damage already well underway ... The vital prognosis of our planet is at stake!

And you, what are you doing to overcome this?

Our bad habits are destroying the planet ...

Some might turn a deaf ear but today no one can deny it, we all know it: our planet is in bad shape.

Global warming, natural disasters, depletion of resources, endangered animal and plant species ... So many disastrous consequences! And we know the cause since humans are largely responsible. We often say to ourselves that at our level we cannot change things and yet ... a little nothing can make the difference! Yes, changing your habits and getting out of your comfort zone can have drawbacks but taking new habits is a choice that when implemented will become just as obvious as the rest, you just have to get started!

to sourt out, avoid waste and overconsumption , consume as locally as possible and foods from theorganic farming, promote more ethical fashion by buying second hand, educate our children for the world of tomorrow ... A few steps forward!

Let's get to the heart of the matter with some striking examples!

  • Plastic : Ten tons are produced per second in the world. More than nine billion tons of plastics have been accumulated since 1950. At this rate the UN estimates the number of plastic waste at twelve billion in 2050 ... And only 9% of this plastic is recycled. This accumulation of plastic has a direct impact on our oceans and thousands of marine animals fall victim to it every day. And unfortunately, plastic is everywhere: packaging of our products, plastic sleeves, clothing, constructions, medical devices, vehicles, smartphones ... This material that is not very recyclable and very polluting has invaded our lives.

  • Waste and overconsumption : In a society where capitalism prevails, where the incentive to buy is pre-existing and where communication pushes us to buy, mass consumption is one of the ordeals of our society. This overconsumption pushes companies to produce more and more and chain by using polluting materials , to export and therefore to use the airways, to favor cheap labor ... This overconsumption leads to inevitable waste ... How many times have you bought countless cosmetic products that ended up going out of date in your bathroom?

  • Food : Have you ever looked at where your products come from? Are they in season? Have they been imported from foreign countries? Did they grow in a greenhouse? Are they organic? Consume as locally as possible to avoid the transport and export of products. Consume seasonal products to avoid intensive and modified agriculture. Consume as ideally as possible organic in order to ensure healthy agriculture without the use of chemicals such as pesticides. And help small farmers to develop! Lifestyle habits that make all the difference ...

  • Fashion: It alone emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. To illustrate this point, this figure represents a greater impact than all international flights and sea traffic. Water consumption is also taken into account: 4% of the drinking water available in the world is used to produce our clothes! Cotton represents a quarter of the world production of textile fibers ... A production process which also requires the use of chemical treatments such as chlorine bleaching, the use of heavy metals ...

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And BeautyMix in all of this? Our engagement !

As you know, we are very aware of the issues mentioned above. Our commitment is to promote healthier , more sustainable and anti-waste consumption!

Thus, we only use reusable glass containers. No more plastic! You just need to clean your container to give it a second life!

US products are sourced as locally as possible and are natural and organic . So we make sure to offer you quality products that are good for your skin and for the environment.

Our recipes are minimalist in terms of proposed ingredients and compositions. Our number of receipts is also limited to offer you only the essentials and ensure that there is no waste.

We often take actions in favor of responsible and sustainable consumption. This was particularly the case during Green Friday where we offered you the purchase of robots already used during our workshops and demonstrations at reduced prices.

During Christmas, we offered you organic cotton pouches to put your robot and your products in order to replace the famous gift wrap ...

Our tips and advice for more responsible consumption!

We bring you a list of some products that you can use that are much better for you and the planet!

  • Washable and reusable cottons instead of disposable cottons,

  • Bee's Wrap instead of aluminum foil,

  • Reusable cotton swabs instead of disposables,

  • Products in solid form instead of aerosol products, plastic bottles, 

  • Tote bags instead of plastic bags, 

  • The cup or menstrual panties instead of sanitary napkins,

  • Vegetable wax candles instead of mineral candles,

  • A gourd instead of plastic water bottles ...

Do not hesitate to participate in events to learn about the subject! So here is the example of some good plans taking place at the beginning of the year:

  • the Boma Momentum is an action-oriented global event to discover why and how to make an impact and shape our future. It takes place on January 27 at the Grand Rex in Paris.

  • the Salon Change Now takes place in Paris, the weekend of February 1st . On the program are conferences on environmental issues (food, fashion, ocean, pollution).

Stay informed by following pages like:

You can download mobile apps like:

  • "WAG - We Act For Good ", a lifestyle application that helps you to be more eco-responsible through a few reflexes to adopt on a daily basis"

  • "90 days", the application that makes you take up challenges leading you on the path of environmental responsibility.

Use search engines like "Ecosia", which with each request or product purchased online, collects funds which aims to finance the planting of trees in several regions of the world ...

And there is no shortage of great deals, so do your research! It is time for us to get informed and act at our own level!

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