DIY summer week: soothe your skin and maintain your colors!

We are already on the end of this Do It Yourself week of summer ... For these last two steps, we will see together what are the ideal products to soothe your skin after sun exposure and how to maintain your tan. For the occasion, we have developed four new recipes that you will be able to discover in this article. 

In this article, we will provide you with products and recipes for the whole body. These are based on care for the skin of the face, body and also the scalp.

So if you're ready, let's discover this routine together!

Odoo - Sample n ° 1 for three columns

Step one: good-looking face cream

This light cream is formulated to give a healthy glow to the wearer. Rich in oily carrot macerate, it will provide your skin with vitamin E and pro-vitamins A.

It is also nourishing, regenerating and softening . It is perfect for soothing the skin after sun exposure!

Apply it in the morning, under your makeup and at night before going to bed to fully benefit from its instant beautiful and healthy glow effect.

To achieve it, it's just here !

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Step two: oily serum

This serum contains only a few ingredients to give your skin the healthy glow it needs. It is ideal for devitalized and tired skin. It will help them regain tone, radiance and suppleness!

Apply it in a light massage all over your neck and face, in the morning and in the evening, under your cream or on its own.

Thanks to oily carrot macerate, your skin will keep its pretty tanned complexion all year round!

To achieve it, just click to be.

Odoo - Sample n ° 1 for three columns

Step three: soothing body milk

This after-sun body milk recipe is perfect for hydrating, soothing and prolonging your tan. We saw it during phase one of this week, your skin will need hydration due to the dryness caused by the sun ...

Also enriched with oily carrot macerate, this milk is, like cream, rich in vitamin E and pro-vitamin A.

Do not hesitate to apply it morning and evening to enhance your tan!

Want to make this recipe? It's just here.

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Step four: thehair oil

Our hair oil is enriched with oils from jojoba and of hazelnut. These two oils are perfect for beautifying hair, improving its shine while softening and protecting it. The little extra ? Thanks to the rather dry hazelnut oil, you will not have a greasy feel and touch. 

Indeed, after a few exposures to the sun and prolonged swimming in the sea, your hair will need nourishing care. This oil is therefore ideal.

Apply it every morning on the lengths and ends.

The recipe is right to be.

You will have understood the key ingredient of these recipes and the oily macerate of carrot. If you want more information about it and its benefits, visit our blog post dedicated.

This DIY week ends with these final steps ... You now have all the information and product recipes you need to take care of your skin and hair before, during and after your summer!

If you missed the previous steps, find them again here !

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