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Focus on the textures of our face care

Skin care and cosmetic products contribute to our well-being . And for that, there is no lack of innovation: skincare rituals, psychoactive fragrances, colors and textures ... These develop our approach. holistic and the sensoriality of the cosmetics we use. Yes, cosmetics help us listen to our emotions and sensations in many ways. In this article, they are different textures that we are going to talk about. The choice of these, as well as the ingredients, is essential in the satisfaction of the use of our products.

With BeautyMix, you can create various products with different textures providing comfort to the application thanks to their touch: creamy , oily or even gel ... And you, what is your favorite texture?

The gel texture

Also called "sorbet texture", the gels contain a large amount of water and therefore offer a real sensation of hydration. Light and fresh, it is an unstoppable cocooning asset!

In the past, gel textures had the reputation of having a tensor somewhat drying due to a very high amount of gelling agent. Our recipe of cleansing gel has the right dosage for a pleasant sensation and the necessary effectiveness to eliminate impurities and / or perfect your make-up removal.

This unique gel texture, we obtain it thanks to our natural thickener which in contact with water will generate this pleasant texture.

One or two pumps of the gel are sufficient. We advise you to work it in circular motion over the entire face and neck in order to take full advantage of this homemade cosmetic product! 

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Oily texture

If we can have certain prejudices about oils about their oily finish, this texture is nonetheless one of the most pleasant and widespread in terms of cosmetics, especially for the face and hair. Each vegetable oil to its particularity: some are fatter or thicker than others. It is up to everyone to choose the one that corresponds to him.

Unlike the cream texture which will be moisturizing, the oil is nourishing and instantly soothes the skin by improving the quality of our tissues.

The oily texture is a texture that provides perfect sensoriality: melting and fluid , it is an integral part of a relaxing skincare routine.

We offer oils that can be used alone or mixed as for example in our healthy glow oily serum recipe. This one is composed ofnuts oil and of oily macerate of carrot. We recommend that you apply a pump all over your face and neck, massaging the product well to make it penetrate.

Its texture intensifies the appreciation of this moment!

Cream texture

A cream is an emulsion , that is to say a mixture of oil and water. Depending on the formula produced, the texture of an emulsion can be more or less light and fluid . In this case, it is thin and is easily worked on the skin, making it instantly more comfortable. On the contrary, it can be rich and smooth . It is therefore thicker and requires more work on your skin. The fact remains that this velvety texture gives the skin a very pleasant sensation. The choice of textures for our creams varies according to the type of skin and the properties imparted.

As said previously, the purpose of a cream is to hydrate the skin. Its texture will therefore necessarily melt and penetrate quickly. It is one of the most popular textures and with which we can easily associate other products. We have developed several recipes with this texture: healthy glow cream, normal skin cream, light cream or the rich cream...

Which is your favorite?

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