Oléogel: le soin simplissime qui chouchoute votre peau

Oleogel: the little extra to give our skin a boost!

In a previous article we told you about our crush on flax gel, a local alternative to aloe vera gel. This combines moisturizing, firming and reshaping properties while restoring suppleness and firmness to the skin. It is also good for your hair, with its styling and moisturizing properties.

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The basis of your oleogel treatment: flax seeds!

But it can also be mixed with other ingredients to create new products that are good for you and the planet. Restore hydration to your skin, always with 100% natural products and homemade recipes: that's the role of oleogels!

What is an oleogel?

The oleogel is easy to manufacture! It combines both linseed gel or aloe vera gel and a vegetable oil. Together they form a moisturizing and nourishing jelly.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

More than to shake… it's ready!

Proportions? Count 90% gel and 10% oil. Shake well to combine the two products. You can make it a minute in the palm of your hand. No need in this case to add preservative. The oleogel is fully adaptable and customizable according to its problems and skin type. Thus, it is quite possible to combine several vegetable oils in order to boost its product and bring new virtues: softening with sweet almond oil, sebum-regulating with jojoba oil, anti-aging with l sesame oil for example.

The addition of essential oils transforms your oleogel into a targeted action serum. Combined with the essential oil of tea tree, the oleogel acts for example on acne. Say goodbye to unsightly little pimples, redness and excess sebum! Count 5 drops of essential oil for 30 mL of oleogel (be careful not to overdose!), And say hello to tightened pores, clarified and healthy skin!


The little extra of oleogel: it is ideal as a make-up base!


So we say yes to illuminated and vitaminized skin and we run to see our oleogel recipe!


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And you, what is your hydration secret?


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