The summer routine for Monsieur!


Sunday June 21 is summer day but not only! It will also be Father's Day! Yes, the Beautymix allows you to provide care for the whole family! So here are some recipe ideas that you can make to pamper your companion or your Dad, to offer or to make together to have a great time!

The flagship ingredient of the men's range,peppermint hydrosol

Peppermint is a blend of two wild mints: the green mint and aquatic.
Known since antiquity, it is obtained by steam distillation of these plants with many virtues.
Monsieur will appreciate its fresh and intoxicating scent especially during the summer.
Our organic hydrosol is originated and produced in France.


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What routine for Monsieur?

After a good shower with shampoo and the shower gel, it will have a light smell and a feeling of freshness!
He can then brush his teeth with the toothpaste
Also make him discover the hydrosol of peppermint as a tonic or to incorporate in theaftershave cream for a refreshing and purifying action. It also has the role of relieving irritation and redness .

Finally, for bearded gentlemen, offer him our very last recipe of the summer: hair oil which can also be used for the beard!

These gentlemen love to take care of them, let's help them!


We hope to have given you some good ideas to please men and we take this opportunity to wish a great Father's Day to all Dads!


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