The virtues of black soap and Marseille soap for your laundry!

For the release of our maintenance products, we wanted to offer two laundry recipes: one with black soap , the other with Marseille soap . In this article, we wanted to introduce you in more detail to each of these products, their compositions and their actions, in the context of our recipes but also more generally.

Perhaps you frequently use these two natural, ecological and economical soaps? In our case, we are convinced of their properties. Let's discover these two products together!

Black soap

Black soap can be found in two forms: liquid or solid (or "soft"). Its composition is particularly simple. Rich in vegetal oils (flax or olive) and potassium hydroxide, this 100% natural product is sufficient on its own. It can also be used in addition to other ingredients, depending on the use you want to make of it. Healthy for your home, but also for the environment, its use is an economic asset, adapting perfectly to small budgets due to its low purchase cost. Efficient, healthy and inexpensive ... Perfect, right? 

What are the actions of black soap on household linen?

We have selected black soap as the top ingredient in our homemade laundry recipe for several reasons. Indeed, it allows to obtain a hypoallergenic laundry, promising your linen cleanliness and pleasant scent .

It is also an excellent stain remover . It is particularly effective for removing stubborn stains from fabrics (clothes, tea towels, towels, etc.). If you want to use it on its own, you can apply it before washing it in the machine or leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with hot water. You still have to be careful with light-colored fabrics on which the black soap could leave traces.

As part of our recipe, we couple it with water and household baking soda. We also offer the brand's black soap Briochin, a quality ingredient that perfectly meets your laundry needs. To make your laundry with black soap , you can click here.

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Black soap is also excellent for other uses such as:

  • Degrease your interior :

Excellent washing, it is widely used to degrease kitchen and bathroom furniture and instruments. Just drop a little black soap on your slightly moistened sponge and rub the desired surface. The black soap is preferably rinsed with hot water. You can also leave it on particularly dirty areas and rinse off after a few hours.

  • Clean your dishes :

It is very effective on textures such as silverware, copper, brass and stainless steel ... Thus, we advise you to pour hot water and a few drops of black soap in a container, to leave there soak your cutlery and appreciate the result.

Marseille soap

This soap results from saponification of a mixture of vegetable oils with soda. Olive oil is the majority vegetable oil in its composition and makes it a natural soap. In solid form, we can find it in different sizes and shapes: cube, oval, chips, glitter ... We can also find it in various colors: green, white or cream. This color varies according to the oils that compose it!

Particularly inexpensive, it is ideal for small budgets and for consumers who would like to use a soap that is good for their wallet and for the planet!

What are the benefits of Marseille soap on laundry?

Our grandparents can tell us, there is nothing better than real Marseille soap to take care of our laundry. Hypoallergenic , it has a famous stain removal power, respecting the textiles and fabrics on which it is applied. It is also known to keep moths away from our cupboards thanks to its smell and composition. Like black soap, it can be used alone or with other ingredients. On its own, it is applied to stained areas, can be applied or perhaps immediately rinsed off with lukewarm or hot water.
Most use white soap for laundry. However, be careful because this is very greasy and can sometimes damage the pipes. 

In our recipe, we also offer it with water and household baking soda. Still in the Briochin brand, we offer it in glitter, ideal format to allow a perfect result! To make this recipe, just go to be.

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Marseille soap is also perfect for:

  • Clean the leathers :

Respectful of fragile materials such as leather, you can perfectly use it to refresh your sofas, armchairs or bags ... On a slightly damp sponge, rub your soap until you obtain a light foam and work gently on your equipment. The result is incredible!

  • Clean your toilet :

The little trick here is to sprinkle a tablespoon of shavings or glitter in your toilet and leave it on overnight. 

So which of these two soaps do you prefer?

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