And if we slowed down a bit… Let's talk about Slow Life!

Time ... Invisible, intangible and imperceptible and yet our most precious possession.

"I'm running out of time", "Time flies at one of these speeds", "I didn't have time", "I'm wasting my time" ... It is so complicated to appreciate it in this world of lives and evolves at a hundred per hour. We come to abuse this precious time, waste it and not take advantage of the moments of life that are offered to us. Between family life, work and others, we do not always manage to free up time. But taking it is therapy! This is why the " Slow Life " movement has developed.

What is "Slow Life"?

Created in the 80s, this movement developed in order to counter " Fast-Living ", in other words the acceleration and rapid development of everything around us: new technologies, rapid information, imposed deadlines ...

So how does this movement help us? It just invites us to slow down , appreciate each moment , savor it in some way. A true way of life and philosophy, Slow Life pushes us to be aware of every moment, and is based on the following values: nature, respect, love, sharing ...

This movement has been developed in various fields:

  • The "Slow Food"against" Fast-Food. "It advocates food biodiversity, respect for nature and the environment as well as producers. 

  • The "Slow Tourism"highlighting the fact of traveling in a more eco-responsible way, of taking the time to contemplate the landscapes and to meet new people.

  • The "Slow Management"which offers better working conditions, opposing stress, automation ...

  • The "Slow Cosmetics"which highlights natural and organic products as well as homemade cosmetic recipes.

But "Slow Life" is above all having a slower pace of life, reconnecting with yourself and nature, living simple moments and listening to yourself. It is also giving time to others, family or friends. It is developing your senses and your creativity. But above all: to appreciate the moment T. Taking your time also means doing things better, because acting hastily sometimes leads us to do things badly. Often, moreover, taking a break from a hectic day allows us to be more efficient afterwards.

Some tips...

Give yourself moments just for yourself, a cocoon of slowness alone or with several encouraging you to refocus on what really matters, what makes you good and especially not to feel guilty for doing it. "I have so much to do, I don't have time to give myself this moment". Well, yes, because taking this time gives you back vitality. "Do nothing", concentrate on an activity, an objective, a goal ... And above all, unplug! Return by bike or on foot, take the time to read. On weekends, stay away from your emails, take the time to spend time with your loved ones. Promote local markets, seasonal fruits and vegetables .... Suspend time, escape the virtual . Give yourself moments of fun activities such as gardening, writing, music, travel .... Experiment!

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"Slow Cosmetics" with BeautyMix!

I told you a little earlier that "Slow Cosmetics" was part of the concept ... Because yes, taking the time to make your cosmetics, to allow yourself this moment, that's also Slow Life.

Using BeautyMix is also a moment for yourself, of pleasure where you express your creativity. We take the time to make our skin diagnosis , to know what suits us. We choose the receipts to achieve and we start. Don't beat yourself up for taking this time for yourself. This time will allow you to learn about yourself, to reconnect with your needs and with nature. Because our ingredients are all natural and sourced as locally as possible.

So why not give yourself this time to carry out your new beauty routine with your hands: a scrub, a mask and an face cream.

Are you going to join this movement and stop time? We invite you to read our article on the winter routine, always with a view to taking a few minutes for you :)

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