Spring cleaning!

Le 20 mars marque le début du Printemps, une saison de renouveau où la nature s'éveille et où la plupart d'entre nous apprécions mettre en place de nouvelles habitudes de vie, de futurs projets... Mais aussi faire de la place dans notre esprit et notre environnement ! C'est donc l'occasion parfaite pour faire un grand ménage de Printemps.

Yes, but ... How to do a spring cleaning? Empty, clean, organize and reorganize your belongings. A healthy house, sorted, without unnecessary products and without waste.

So, do you like a special routine with BeautyMix?

Step 1: Sort!

Take a moment to sit in front of your cupboards and drawers, and take stock: "What products do I no longer use? What products are out of date? Which are bad for my health and that of those around me and for the planet? Which ones do I want to keep and which ones I want to give / throw away? "

Asking yourself these questions can also allow you to introspect your consumption. We operate in a society of overconsumption where the purchase of products intensively is strongly encouraged by large industries.

Why not refocus on the essentials during this Spring cleaning? Keep only what is important and promise ourselves that from now on, we will not go back.

Sorting is something you can do on your own or with your children . It can open their eyes, make them aware of the world in which it operates. Teach them why it is essential nowadays to consume in a reasonable, responsible and sustainable manner , for oneself and the environment.

BeautyMix will help you take the plunge. By making your own products, you make sure to manufacture the right quantity for your needs and thus limit the waste

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BeautyMix tips : How do I know if my product has expired? A pictogram called "Period After Opening"indicates the validation of your product. Usually it is 6 or 12 months. In home cosmetics or when purchasing your products, remember to note the date on which you opened your product in order to know if yes or no, time has passed. Other factors may alarm you: change in smell, texture ... At BeautyMix, all your homemade cosmetics can be kept for three months thanks to our super conservative approved by Ecocert / COSMOS in organic cosmetics.

Think about recycling! If your bottles are glass or aluminum, be sure to recycle them for endure their life cycle

Other tips are available on our blog post "A moment to sort out".
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Step 2: Put away ...

Once you've sorted, organize your space. The BeautyMix team can only advise you to take a few moments to soak up two methods of organization and storage.

The first is the "Feng Shui". This ancestral Chinese art highlights the principles of interior design to live in harmony with and in it. The idea is to respect certain rules according to the rooms of your house to live there in a harmonious way and to to circulate the good energies. For more information, you can click on This article.

Another very popular practice is the storage method "KonMaric", created by Marie Kondo. This well-known latter is based on six rules:

  1. Tidy up and do it seriously

  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle

  3. Sort by category and not by location

  4. Follow the stated order

  5. Ask yourself if it brings joy

  6. Thank the objects that we get rid of.

If you want to know more, you can also look at This article.

Step three: clean your interior.

Our final tip for a successful Spring cleaning is to clean your home from top to bottom.

And what could be better than to combine this practice with the creation of your homemade cleaning products ? BeautyMix it's not just the home cosmetics robot. With our homemade robot, you can also make your own cleaning products recipes. In each of our simple, minimalist, effective, healthy recipes for you and your home, we suggest using the brand's products Briochin

For this Spring cleaning, you can:

  • Clean your laundry with our laundry detergent recipe Marseille's soap Where with black soap. To know the difference between these two ingredients, you can read our blog post dedicated to this topic.

  • Clean your dishes with our dishwashing liquid recipe House. For silver or stainless steel cutlery, opt for a special cleaner whose recipe is correct here

  • For your windows and windows, you can make your own window cleaner with our very quick recipe.

  • For all other surfaces, we have developed a recipe for multi-purpose cleaner, perfectly adapted to respect your interior!

Pour optimiser et parfaire l'utilisation de vos produits, quoi de mieux que d'avoir les accessoires adaptés ? Brosse à casserole, brosse à vaisselle, doseur pour lessive ou bien éponge lavable : les choix sont multiples ! Sur le site internet Danika, vous pouvez retrouver tous ces accessoires, en bois et zéro-déchet pour un intérieur responsable :) En tout cas nous, on adore !

You now have all the keys in hand to start a Spring cleaning!

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