The team's selection of green apps

Because well-being and beauty go far beyond the products that can be applied to our face or our body, BeautyMix has selected 3 applications dedicated to well-being and very useful in our hectic daily life!


# 1 - Small Bamboo

Although meditation is not an addiction for everyone, Petit Bambou is THE app that allows you to relax for 10 minutes a day. Easy to use, motivating and very fun, the application opens the doors to meditation and Zen attitude at our fingertips!

So we de-stress and we take time for ourselves, only 10 minutes a day!



#2 – INCI Beauty

This application will make your life easier !! Yes yes, it is promised! BeautyMix wants to give you back control of your beauty, and this thanks to this application! In order to decode the list of ingredients present in your cosmetics, the application offers you to scan your product to automatically analyze its composition. A small green flower for a safe substance, a yellow flower for satisfactory substances, and a red flower for hazardous substances.

For us it is a double green flower to validate this App !!



#3 – My Little Beauty

A 100% feminine and 100% no fuss app! Because no one is perfect, My Little Beauty says no to the received ideas that the beauty industry conveys and says yes to good beauty tips and advice, in an offbeat and good-natured tone! We like to receive the last advice from the team every day.

As our friend Oscar Wilde said so well, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." So we say stop to the headache and we love each other as we are.


Don't forget you are fabulous!

What are your favorite applications?

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback!


See you soon.

La team BeautyMix

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