What if we switched to natural and homemade household products?

You should surely be aware that many substances contained in household and cleaning products are harmful . Not only are they good for our skin, our health, but also for our planet . Because yes, despite the precautions taken to wear gloves, masks and even if you wash your hands afterwards, cleaners, dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents and others can come into contact with your skin. And hello damage.

In addition, the cleaning products that we breathe can have consequences on our health: asthma, cough, allergies, inflammation ... I pass!

And where do the products used go? Most of it ends up in our wastewater (for example for laundry, washing-up liquid, etc.). These are sent to wastewater treatment plants, but unfortunately not all of the chemical molecules are eliminated. Most of them end up in our environment and natural environment.

In this article, we highlight the harmfulness of these products but also and why it is essential to switch to natural and homemade cleaning products !

And big announcement : BeautyMix partners with the brand Briochin to bring you this solution! Awesome, isn't it?

Denounce industrial cleaning products!

During our research we were able to identify several points that we would like to highlight. Indeed, many studies have been carried out to denounce the chemicals present in these products. The magazine "60 million consumers"announces the following figures: out of 108 detergents evaluated, half were diagnosed" dangerous, even very dangerous "for the environment and for humans. 40% are correct and only 10% are good.

Take for example, ingredients like formaldhéyde very present in household products and highly carcinogenic. Some products even contain biocidal substances in the same way as insecticide bombs. Some contain phosphates. Although banned in detergents for several years, they are still present in dishwasher products. And these are just a few examples.

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Concretely, a household product is composed of several ingredients such as synthetic surfactants which are difficult to degrade, volatile organic compounds spreading in the air and which are harmful to our lungs ... and a whole bunch of other different products depending on the products ( ammonia, limonenes, chlorine ...). Sprays should also be banned because they cause proven pollution in the indoor air for several hours.

These products are therefore dangerous for us but also endanger the biodiversity both aquatic and terrestrial.

So we agree, the use of these products on a daily basis is necessary to maintain our interior ... But at what cost? What are the alternative solutions available to us? We urge you to switch to natural products, but here again you have to be careful. Indeed some brands promote products based on natural ingredients but this can be misleading. Some add only a small amount of natural products in their formula. Or these can be, for example, essential oils which are sometimes irritating. We must remain attentive to the compositions and not only be convinced by a misleading marketing discourse.

At a time when environmental issues are stronger than ever and when the internet offers us the possibility of having access to a lot of information and testimonials, would it not be time to start making your own products? maintenance ? Taking a step back from the situation, it is an alternative that can only bring benefits!

What are the advantages of making your own cleaning products?

From a health point of view, replacing so-called "toxic" products with natural products considerably reduces our exposure and the toxic load on our body. It also limits exposure to allergenic products .

It's quick and easy to do. Usually the list of ingredients for household product recipes is short. As a result, it is also economical because you only need very few products and these are often at an affordable price . Especially for the quantity used for each recipe ... The investment pays off very quickly! You only have to buy the raw materials . You also save on the containers that you can disinfect and reuse after each use. Here, we are in a zero-waste approach !

In addition to being ecological, it is healthy . The products used are natural and biodegradable (if you make the right choice of ingredients, of course). You know exactly the composition of your products and know which ones are in contact with your skin and your body.

You also find the pleasure of doing it yourself , as in a small chemist's workshop after all, but in complete safety !

Finally, it's effective ! The proposed recipes, although simple, are tested, produced and approved by thousands of followers of the preparation of cleaning products. Because this practice does not date from yesterday ... It would be time for everyone to get started, right?

BeautyMix x Briochin 

Aware of these environmental and medical issues, we have embarked on a new project ...

BeautyMix is no longer just the robot that allows you to make homemade cosmetics ... We have been working for months on the launch of our recipes for cleaning products !

The goal of this collaboration ? To offer you a kit and products allowing you to make your own cleaning and care products for the house. This is made possible thanks to the association of our BeautyMix and natural, healthy and quality ingredients from Briochin. ⁠
We made the choice to work with the Briochin brand because it is an authentic brand which develops natural and effective products known and recognized for years. Of course, we share the values conveyed by it and are delighted to work with them on this project.
Together, we offer a better and healthier alternative to take care of your interior. ⁠

Advantages ? There are many!

  • Ease of manufacturing thanks to our robot

  • The security provided by the robot in the manufacturing process by following the suggested recipes, respecting the indicated dosages, storing your creations in suitable containers ...

  • Comfort for the skin thanks to Briochin products

Find all our recipes here and get started in their realization for a better way of consumption!

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