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The project | 23 January 2022

Homemade cosmetics for the WHOLE family!

In this article, we will explain why and how you can make your cosmetics for the whole family and without risk!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 21 January 2022

Take care of my lips in winter!

In winter, chapped lips appear and it is neither pleasant nor aesthetic. So how do you take care of it and avoid this inconvenience?
Gebhard Sophie
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Routines BeautyMix | 19 January 2022

How to create your routine for this winter?

During the winter, your skin is the first barrier with the outside and will therefore be the first to suffer from it... Go from your summer routine to your winter routine with homemade cosmetics!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 25 January 2023

BeautyMix passes in "Who wants to be my partner?"

On Wednesday January 12, 2022, Nelly Pitt, founder of BeautyMix, appeared on the show "Who wants to be my partner?" on M6 to present his project to the six investors!
Nelly Pitt
Care | 16 December 2021

Everything about our solid conditioner!

Gebhard Sophie
Care | 10 December 2021

How does my solid makeup remover work?

Gebhard Sophie
Care | 3 December 2021

All about the BeautyMix solid shampoo recipe

Our formulator answers all your questions about the BeautyMix solid shampoo recipe and guides you in the success of this natural and gentle recipe.
Goudin Ludivine
BeautyFact | 29 October 2021

Solid cosmetics - Pros & Cons

Solid cosmetics respond to the current trend of nomadism, for "clean", natural and zero-waste beauty. And doing them yourself is even better!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 15 October 2021

I have dry skin, what should I do?

This Made in Home routine is ideal for dry skin. Thank you, homemade cosmetics!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 8 October 2021

Face care is also for men!

So no, cosmetics are not only for women and men can also create their own cosmetics and enjoy their benefits!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 1 October 2021

Your homemade routine!

You might think that “normal” skin that does not have specific problems does not require a complete skincare routine. Quite the contrary!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 24 September 2021

BeautyMix invites itself to NatExpo!

For the first time, BeautyMix will be at the Natexpo show. This is the essential international trade fair for organic products reserved for professionals!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 17 September 2021

Let's talk about pigment spots!

In this article, we will look at the different causes of the appearance of spots on the face and the ways to remedy them.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 10 September 2021

Cosmetic fasting, quésaco?

Put your skin to rest, stop cosmetic products, to reboost it: we explain young cosmetics to you.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyMix ingredients | 27 August 2021

Hemp oil for the hair.

Discover the virtues and benefits of hemp oil, for skin and hair.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyMix ingredients | 16 August 2021

Jojoba oil and its benefits!

If you must have an oil in your bathroom: this is it!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 9 August 2021

I have bags and dark circles ... But why ?!

Dark circles or bags: what's the difference? And what is it?
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyMix ingredients | 2 August 2021

Vegetable oils and their virtues.

The composition of oils has an impact on their cosmetic properties and therefore on their uses. At BeautyMix, we offer you seven vegetable oils!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 30 July 2021

Why do i have stretch marks?

Understanding the origin of stretch marks and discovering natural treatments to minimize them: this is where it happens.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 23 July 2021

Cellulite ? Let's talk about it without taboos!

You complex because of this famous "orange peel"? Know that you are not alone: nine out of ten women are affected by this phenomenon!
Gebhard Sophie