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Routines BeautyMix | 1 April 2021

Remove makeup well and cleanse your face?

Find recipes for homemade cosmetic products, to use morning and evening for cleansed and healthy skin!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 18 March 2022

Do the Spring cleaning!

In this article, we share with you the three key steps for a successful Spring cleaning!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 31 August 2021

What are surfactants?

What is a surfactant? What are they for, what are good and bad surfactants? We explain everything very simply: follow the guide!
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 5 March 2021

Handmade care ... for your hands!

Our hands are areas that we tend to neglect ... and yet they deserve our full attention! Discover our homemade skincare routine.
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 26 February 2021

Homemade products for men?

Men can also start making their own hygiene and household products! So, challenge accepted? ;)
Gebhard Sophie
Les ingrédients BeautyMix | 19 February 2021

What is the ideal set to get started in home cosmetics?

Do you want to get started in home cosmetics but don't know where to start? Discover our three ingredient boxes!
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 12 February 2021

With BeautyMix, make the face cream you want!

Homemade cosmetics rhyme with simplicity but it is possible to achieve as many variations of care as there are skin types thanks to very simple recipes.
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 7 February 2022

Homemade products for a successful Valentine's Day!

This year, make him happy by creating massage products yourself to have a good time for two.
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 10 February 2022

Fun activities to do with your children!

With your BeautyMix and some ingredients, have fun creating decorations, make-up or even products with your children!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 8 February 2022

Make your own candle!

With BeautyMix, you can now make the candle you want, healthy and natural, to personalize according to your desires and tastes!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 15 January 2021

Do not hesitate any longer: get started in the home-made!

I awaken my conscience and I am proud to do it myself. The BeautyMix is the key tool to help you make this transition!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 8 January 2021

Resolutions for 2021?

Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 31 December 2020

Do-it-yourself products for a successful New Year's Eve!

In this new routine, you will find all the homemade cosmetic recipes to prepare to prepare for your evening of December 31!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 25 December 2020

The beauty routine of winter with BeautyMix!

Take care of your skin in cold weather with homemade products: discover the best winter recipes.
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 18 December 2020

The large bowl vs the small bowl: what's the difference?

The large vat is intended for making maintenance recipes for your home!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 11 December 2020

A cocooning December evening

Let's dive together into a beautiful cocooning autumn-winter evening with BeautyMix!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 6 December 2020

Natural and Home made Christmas decorations!

Discover three simple Christmas decoration ideas, to make with your BeautyMix robot!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 29 November 2020

Make your own products to take care of your home ☺️

This routine is based on recipes for cleaning products to make for your interior. Simple and natural recipes, so get started!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 22 November 2020

Make your products to take care of your hair ☺️

We share with you the ideal treatments to achieve as part of a routine for your hair.
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 15 November 2020

Make your own products to take care of your face ☺️

A perfect, homemade face care routine: to discover with ease.
Gebhard Sophie