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Les ingrédients BeautyMix | 13 November 2020

Why did we choose to work with Bel Air?

Gebhard Sophie
Care | 8 November 2020

Make your products to take care of your body ☺️

A perfect homemade body care routine: discover the recipes that will become your bathroom essentials.
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 30 October 2020

Do-it-yourself products for a successful Halloween night!

We want you to discover how to create your own Halloween makeup, as well as a complete routine to do before and after this party!
Gebhard Sophie
Les ingrédients BeautyMix | 23 October 2020

Why do we trust Emma Noël oils?

For your homemade cosmetic recipes, we wanted to find THE best artisan vegetable oils on the market. So we turned to Emma Noël.
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 16 October 2020

A 100% natural routine for your home!

Taking care of your home with healthy and natural products is possible... and it's easy! Follow the guide to discover the main tips and recipes to know.
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 9 October 2020

BeautyMix workshops all over France!

The BeautyMix workshops are the perfect opportunity to test and discover the robot during a friendly and fun workshop around home cosmetics!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 2 October 2020

An ideal gift, combining the useful with the pleasant!

Giving a BeautyMix robot is giving a gift that makes sense, that is innovative and original! You are sure to please :)
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 25 September 2020

The fall beauty routine with BeautyMix!

Create your own homemade skincare routine for this fall with your BeautyMix robot: face cream, multi-purpose balm, makeup ...
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 18 September 2020

The essential product to have in your bathroom!

Atopic skin, dryness, eczema? This balm will become your miracle product... and you can make it yourself very easily!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 11 September 2020

A homemade hair routine!

Hair needs to be cared for in order to be healthy. What could be better than making your own products for your hair routine?
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 4 September 2020

A beautiful and natural return to school with BeautyMix!

Little time in the morning but want to take care of yourself, with healthy and natural products? Here is the ideal natural morning routine, and the recipes that go with it.
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 27 August 2020

Live a sensory experience with cosmetics

We introduce you to the different textures of skincare products, from gel to cream, and we help you understand how to create them at home.
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 21 August 2020

Make your own dishwashing liquid!

Why make your homemade dishwashing liquid? The harmfulness of industrial dishwashing liquids? All the advantages of making this product yourself!
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 13 August 2020

Take care of your hair!

Discover with us the origins and causes of oily hair, as well as the natural and adapted care for this type of hair!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 7 August 2020

A 100% eco-responsible bathroom!

Are you ready to get rid of your cottons, plastic toothbrushes, cotton swabs ... We can deliver some greener alternatives to you!
Gebhard Sophie
The project | 31 July 2020

Book or application, what to choose to make my homemade products?

To follow our recipes for homemade products and make them step by step, we offer you two options: our book or our mobile application!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 24 July 2020

What products will she put in her bag this summer?

Today, I am bringing you the four homemade cosmetic products to take with you this summer!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 17 July 2020

A relaxing relaxing routine with BeautyMix!

To help you relax and take care of yourself, we've crafted the perfect wellness moment with the homemade massage bar!
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 10 July 2020

Create your own lipstick colors!

What is the composition of my lipstick? Can I really make it myself? How ? We answer your questions.
Gebhard Sophie

The virtues of black soap and Marseille soap for your laundry!

Discover the virtues of black soap and Marseille soap for your natural and homemade laundry. Make your own laundry with Beautymix.
Gebhard Sophie