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I take care of myself during confinement!

This third week of confinement is coming to an end ... Which means for us the article of the week on our theme: a week, a routine !

Last week, our article focused on the key stages of a face routine to make with your robot and the receipts found on our website and mobile application. Today, we share with you the ideal treatments to achieve as part of a routine for your hair . What do you think these recipes are? We tell you everything!

a shampoo gentle to deeply cleanse your hair ...

Take care of your hair by making your own shampoo, healthy for you and the planet. You can customize it according to your needs but also your desires of the moment. If you like flowery scents, why not make your shampoo withrose hydrosol that we offer on our online store?

Made up of only six natural ingredients , create a shampoo that looks like you and that will perfectly cleanse your beautiful hair. The recipe we offer is very simple and brings great satisfaction! And yes, you are using the product YOU created and your hair is thanking you!
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Gently detangle your hair with our recipe conditioner...

After having gently cleaned your hair, take advantage of this moment just for you to apply a complementary care such as a conditioner. What is the point of applying a conditioner? It's simple ! This will facilitate styling and disentangling stubborn hair. You can work it on all of your lengths as well as your ends or leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with clear water.

We guarantee you well disentangled and more disciplined hair! To make it, just go here !

Enhance your hair with oils ...

Before going to bed, apply to finish your hair oil made with BeautyMix. Leave it on overnight to nourish your hair deeply.

This oil is perfect for completing and finishing this hair routine and providing them with the well-being they need. Apply an oil pump to your hands and then work it before applying it to your lengths. Be careful not to apply too much to the roots, as this may lubricate them.

This hair care routine is ideal since the recipes are simple, accessible and effective!

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