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The candle is an essential element to create a cozy, cocooning and intimate atmosphere ... We have made a candle kit to allow you to make your 100% vegetable candles with your BeautyMix!

The kit contains:

Soy wax in 250g kraft bag:
Our soy wax allows you to create your own high quality vegetable candles. This wax is produced without GMOs, pesticides or herbicides, and originates from Europe. It is 100% vegetable, biodegradable and vegan.
Its melting point: 51 ° C. (temperature at which it will become liquid)
Color: Ivory white
It has good adhesion to glass, its melting point does not alter the fragrances during your creations and the fragrance is perfectly restored.
Burning this wax does not emit any toxic substances.
The cleaning of the tank will be done very simply with hot water and soap.
A real wax that respects the environment, your health and your home!

Two TCR wicks for candles coated with vegetable wax:
These wicks are designed for the realization of your cast candles.
They are coated with a natural wax blend made from soy wax.
A paper core is located at the heart of these wicks which allows a certain rigidity.
Length: 100mm

The 2 empty glass candle jars with bamboo lid:
Two superb containers to make your candles, they are available with two bamboo lids.
A nice design, simple and refined allowing a wax capacity of 125 grams of wax.
The bamboo cover protects against dust and allows the fragrance to be preserved after use.

Fragrances :

Lavandin grosso Bel Air essential oil 10mL:
A 100% pure, natural and complete essential oil. It will allow you to obtain a sweet scent of fresh lavender.
• Latin name: Lavandula hybrida grosso
• Origin: France (Gard)
• Distilled part: flowering tops
• Extraction method: Traditional steam distillation without sulphites
• Chemotype: linalool, linalool acetate, camphor
• Culture: organic farming
• Color: Very light yellow

Lavandin grosso comes from the natural cross between true lavender and aspic lavender.
It is cultivated in the Gard organically and its stems have several flowers at their top.
For adults only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Juniper essential oil cade Bel Air 10mL:
A 100% pure, natural and complete essential oil. It will give you a sweet, fresh and green scent.
• Latin name: Juniperus oxycedrus
• Origin: France (Gard)
• Distilled part: Leafy branches with berries
• Extraction method: Traditional steam distillation without sulphites
• Chemotype: delta-cadinene, beta-caryophyllene, calamenene, zonarene
• Culture: organic farming
• Color: pale yellow
• Store away from light.
The cade, also called oxyhedron juniper, is a small tree from the Mediterranean rim. It is picked responsibly on certified AB plots in the Cévennes region, a few minutes from Alès, in the Gard.
For adults only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women.
24.90 € 24.9 EUR

Notre cire d’abeille 100% d’origine naturelle made in France nourrit, hydrate et adoucit la peau. Elle créé une barrière protectrice à la surface de la peau qui permet d’hydrater et de restaurer la souplesse de la peau.

3.00 € 3.0 EUR

Plant-based, biodegradable and suitable for creams and solid products, it has a moisturizing effect, limits tightness and facilitates detangling

6.90 € 6.9 EUR

Organic and distilled in France, it is softening, astringent and particularly suitable for fragile eye contours.

9.90 € 9.9 EUR
Calcium carbonate is an ingredient used for its mild abrasive action which removes impurities, dirt on the skin, helps clean teeth and improves shine. It also helps to regulate and stabilize the pH of cosmetic products. It is also opacifying, in particular as a white support in make-up products.

Applications: It can be used in toothpaste recipes, in makeup products as an opacifying and white carrier ingredient.

Cosmetic properties: Mild abrasive, opacifying agent, pH regulator, oral hygiene agent.

Quality: Of mineral origin

INCI designation: Calcium Carbonate

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Powder
Color: White or substantially white

- Keep out of reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale
3.00 € 3.0 EUR

This oily carrot macerate is Made In France. It helps to refine the texture of the skin, to give a healthy glow and it promotes the extension of the tan.

6.00 € 8.0 EUR
6.90 € 6.9 EUR

Fan de chocolat ? Craquez pour les merveilleuses vertus du beurre de cacao BeautyMix
Excellent émollient avec des propriétés hydratantes, il garde la peau douce et les cheveux souples. 
Il va aussi nourrir la peau, aider à réparer et régénérer la peau sèche et apaise la peau.

3.00 € 3.0 EUR
Contenu du coffret :

1 Conservateur 10 mL
1 Glycérine 30 mL
1 Acide lactique 10 mL
1 Épaississant 30 g
1 Moussant ultra doux 10 mL
1 Bicarbonate de soude 30 g
1 Beurre de cacao 30 g
1 Cire émulsifiante 50 g
1 Hydrolat de menthe poivrée 50 mL
1 Carbonate de calcium 30 g
1 Kaolin 30 g
1 Concentré de moussant 50 mL
1 Amidon de maïs 30 g
1 Huile d’amande douce 30 mL
2 Flacons vides (flacon pompe 30 mL, flacon pompe 100ml, applicateur baume à lèvres 5ml)
50.90 € 50.9 EUR
Corn starch is usually used in food but also in cosmetics. This plant ingredient is very interesting for its mattifying, softening action and as a powdery support for makeup.

Applications: It is used for solid deodorants, gel or cream, dry shampoos and loose powders for make-up.

Cosmetic properties: Corn starch is mattifying, absorbent, gives a silky feel.

Production of corn starch: The corn kernels are finely ground by wet process and then there is a separation of the starch by centrifugation.

Quality: 100% of vegetable origin

INCI designation: Corn starch

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Very fine powder
Color: Matt white to slightly yellowish
Odor: Characteristic
Dispersible in water
pH: 4.0 - 7.0

- Keep out of reach of children.
- Wearing a mask recommended because the powder may be volatile.
- Powdered product, do not use near a source of ventilation.
2.00 € 2.0 EUR

All the ingredients AND the reusable bamboo applicator, to make 2 fragile skin deodorants

22.90 € 22.9 EUR

Ce kit comprend :

  • 1 flacon pompe vide 30ml

  • 1 flacon pompe vide 50ml

  • 1 flacon pompe vide 100ml

  • 1 pot vide 30ml

  • 1 applicateur baume à lèvres

14.90 € 14.9 EUR
Glass bottle to store your products
3.00 € 3.0 EUR
Offering the BeautyMix gift card is guaranteed to please! Buy the gift card for the amount of your choice and receive it instantly in your e-mail box. You can then print it to offer it in person to the person of your choice or simply send it to their own email. A gift card that offers the possibility of creating an infinite number of natural cosmetics at home, with ease! The gift card is valid for 6 months on all products sold on the website, usable in one go.
29.00 € 129.0 EUR

Our 100% vegetable and organic glycerin will have several functions including hair conditioner or maintain the good condition of the skin.

3.00 € 3.0 EUR

Our green clay of French origin is very absorbent , so it will be ideal for oily and combination skin , it will cleanse and purify it . It also has very good anti-aging properties !

2.00 € 2.0 EUR

It is very popular for care for sensitive, combination to oily and anti-aging skin for mature skin.

6.00 € 6.0 EUR

It is particularly suitable for natural care products for mature or sensitive skin.

9.00 € 9.0 EUR
Baking soda is a miracle powder to be used daily to clean all your surfaces, even the most fragile.
- True multi-use household product, to be used throughout the house!
- Fine white powder 100% natural, for multiple domestic applications.
- Cleans all your surfaces, even the most fragile and is known for its deodorizing properties.
- Resealable doypack bag for better conservation: 500g.
- Measuring shovel integrated into the product.
- Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard available on
Baking soda is not for food.

To reduce the environmental impact, respect the recommended doses of use.

Composition sheet:
4.90 € 4.9 EUR

Uses: It can be used in deodorant recipes for fragile skin. Cosmetic properties: deodorant agent, neutralizes acidity and bad smells. Quality: safe, natural and COSMOS approved INCI designation: Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide Organoleptic properties: Appearance: crystalline powder Color: white or almost white Precautions: - Keep out of reach of children, - Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale, - In general, keep it properly closed, away from light and heat, - Respect the recommended dosages.

4.00 € 4.0 EUR