Thick cream emulsifier

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  • Volume: 15 g

Cet émulsifiant naturel est un savant mélange de deux émulsifiants cosmétiques dérivés de l’huile d’olive.
Les deux ingrédients combinés permettent de réaliser une belle émulsion avec une texture onctueuse, d'assurer un effet hydratant et une bonne diffusion des actifs, mais aussi de faciliter le démêlage des cheveux, les rendre souples, doux, brillants et leur donner de la légèreté.

   Possible products: cream, lotion, eye cream...

This emulsifier is a derivative of olive oil, it contains Cetearyl Olive which is a hair conditioner. It makes it easier to disentangle the hair, make them supple, soft, shiny and give them lightness. Sorbitan olivate is an emulsifying agent, it helps to promote the formation of mixtures between immiscible liquids by lowering inter-facial tension (eg water and oil). The two ingredients combined make it possible to produce a beautiful emulsion with a smooth texture and ensures a moisturizing effect and diffusion of the active ingredients.

Applications: Used for face and body moisturizers, anti-aging with creams, body milks and eye contour treatments.

Cosmetic properties: Creation of an oil-in-water emulsion with a fine and creamy feel, hydration and stable emulsion.

INCI designation: Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Solid glitter
Color: Off White
Odor: characteristic
Melting point (temperature where it becomes liquid): 65 ° C
Dissolve in the hot oily phase
Store at room temperature away from moisture and light. Close well after use.

- Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow, avoid contact with the eyes.

INCI name: cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate

Score YUKA 100 / 100