Hydroxyde de magnesium

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Cosmos-certified powder derived from Dead Sea salt, known to inhibit the production of bad odors and durably reduce body odor. It also helps control bacteria growth and lock in sweat and oil to leave skin dry and smooth.
The product provides all-day protection against body odor for 84% of volunteers. [1]
Does not stain clothes.

[1] Tests carried out on 25 volunteers.

   Possible product: deodorant for fragile skin

Calcium carbonate is an ingredient used for its mild abrasive action which removes impurities, dirt on the skin, helps clean teeth and improves shine. It also helps to regulate and stabilize the pH of cosmetic products. It is also opacifying, in particular as a white support in make-up products.

Applications: It can be used in toothpaste recipes, in makeup products as an opacifying and white carrier ingredient.

Cosmetic properties: Mild abrasive, opacifying agent, pH regulator, oral hygiene agent.

Quality: Of mineral origin

INCI designation: Calcium Carbonate

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Powder
Color: White or substantially white

- Keep out of reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale

INCI name: magnesium hydroxyde, magnesium carbonate hydroxyde

Score YUKA 100 / 100