Liquid black soap

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  • Quality: Ecocert
  • From: France
  • Volume: 1000 mL

Le savon noir liquide est un nettoyant d'origine naturelle, idéal pour nettoyer, nourrir, protéger et faire briller tous les types de sols. En version prêt à l'emploi, il permet de nettoyer et dégraisser toute votre maison.

- Produit ménager multi-propriétés : idéal pour nettoyer, nourrir, protéger et faire briller.
- Pratique, en version liquide.
- Fabriqué dans le plus pur respect des traditions savonnières.
- Certifié Ecocert

Black soap, made from linseed oil, is a cleanser of natural origin, made with the utmost respect for soap traditions. In a concentrated version, it is ideal for cleaning, nourishing, protecting and shining all types of floors. In a ready-to-use version, it can clean and degrease your entire home.

- Multi-property household product: ideal for cleaning, nourishing, protecting and shining.
- Practical, in liquid version.
- Made in the purest respect for soap traditions.
- Ecocert certified

Usage tips :
To clean your floors, just dilute a capful of concentrated black soap per liter of water.
For small areas in the house (worktop, bathroom, etc.), use pure concentrated black soap on a sponge or spray ready-to-use black soap directly on the surface to be cleaned.
My recommendations
Because my black soap is very concentrated, there is no need to overdose. Do not use pure on light materials (aluminum, zinc, brass, etc.) and on porous floors.

Composition sheet:

INCI name: aqua linseed oil, potassium salt, glycerin, potassium hydroxide, trisodium dicarboxylethyl alaninate

Score YUKA 100 / 100

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