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  • Quality: Organic
  • From: France

Notre glycérine végétale et biologique va avoir plusieurs fonctions notamment conditionneur capillaire, maintient le bon état de la peau, aide à éviter les effets néfastes des facteurs externes sur la peau et apporte de l’émollience…

   Produits réalisables sélection été ☀️ : Crème bonne mineLait corps sublimateur après-soleil 

Our 100% vegetable and organic glycerin is considered a skin and hair humectant, called a "true moisturizer", it is able to retain water in the surface layers of the skin. Glycerin will have several functions including hair conditioner, maintains the good condition of the skin, helps to avoid the harmful effects of external factors on the skin and brings emollience ...

Applications: Used for all types of care creams, milks, cleansing lotions, gels, shower gels, shampoo, masks, conditioners, toothpastes ...

Cosmetic properties: Humectant and hydrating, softening, hair conditioning agent, skin protection agent, skin care agent ...

INCI designation: Glycerin

Obtaining process: Glycerin is produced by the fractionation of certified organic vegetable oils: Linseed and Rapeseed oils by mechanical process.
This process combines the action of water, temperature and pressure. The method is a kind of reverse flow in which the water absorbs the glycerol generated during the stage of formation of "fatty acids" in the production of oil. After this step, the
the isolated glycerol is then distilled to produce a standard 99% glycerol.

Quality: 100% of natural and organic origin

Organoleptic properties:
Appearance: Viscous liquid
Color: clear to transparent
Odor: characteristic
Glycerine above 5% can make the product "pasty"
Store at room temperature away from moisture and light. Close well after use.

INCI name: glycerin

Score YUKA 100 / 100