All about clays!

At BeautyMix, we only offer you natural ingredients that we carefully choose for their benefits and effectiveness. Like clay: green or pink, take your pick!

Clay, what is it?

Have you ever used it in your homemade cosmetics recipes?

Clay is not a new ingredient: used since Antiquity, it is a natural material that comes from the decomposition of rocks, the surface parts of the earth's crust. As they decompose, these rocks crystallize and form a material that can then be used: in pottery of course, but also in the manufacture of products dedicated to well-being and beauty. Because clay is renowned for its actions on the skin : this is why it is found in the composition of many face masks. But that's not all ! It has been used for a long time in creams, toothpastes, deodorants. .. Know that the Egyptians also used it to treat wounds and other infections.

The different types of clays

Clays differ in their appearances, compositions and properties.

Clay is mainly composed of silica, alumina – also called aluminum oxide – and magnesium and can be in a dry, suspended or paste form. It can also come in two textures : phyllite or fibrous. Finally, clay can have various colors , the best known being green clay, blanche And rose.


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Green clay

Green clayis the most absorbent clay. Rich in minerals, it is composed of aluminum silicates. If it helps to calm rheumatism and wounds, it is also widely used in cosmetics, as a mask for the skin and for the scalp.
Its benefits? It absorbs excess sebum, tightens pores and has an anti-inflammatory action, which is very appreciated by acne-prone and combination to oily skin . But that's not all: it also has regenerating and anti-aging properties, ideal for mature skin looking to reduce wrinkles!

find theGreen clay in our recipe purifying mask. A real joy ! 

pink clay

Subtle mix ofWhite clay and red clay, pink clay combines twice as many benefits. Very rich in minerals and trace elements, it is widely used in the context of skin care both cleansing and purifying . Particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin thanks to its neutral pH , it is purifying , softening , soothing and restores radiance to the skin . It can also stimulate cell regeneration, mattify the skin, reduce cases of rosacea by improving circulatory flow. 

find thepink clay in our glow mask recipe for a moment of sweetness! 

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white clay

white clay – or kaolin – is one of the oldest natural materials used by man, whether in ceramics, pigments, natural medicine and, of course, cosmetics. It is the softest and most neutral of clays which is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is a natural exfoliant that will gently cleanse your skin. For oily skin, the'White clay rebalance the production of sebum, while preserving the hydration of the skin. And for combination skin, it treats areas of shine, tightens pores and deeply cleans impurities .

An all-in-one clay!

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