Cocoa butter, the essential nourishing ingredient

In this article, BeautyMix has thought of the greediest… And yes, October 1st is World Cocoa and Chocolate Day!

As a result, we meet to talk about cocoa butter, which is one of the key components of chocolate. In addition to having an enticing fragrance and providing a creamy texture, it is known and recognized for having many virtues and properties for the skin!

What is cocoa butter made of?

Cocoa comes from a tree called thecocoa tree. It is a vegetable fat, composed of two types of acids: monounsaturated and saturated. It is composed of naturally present antioxidants which allow it to be kept for several years! Depending on the tree it comes from, cocoa butter can be yellow or brown. It can be found in many shops in the form of pastes or lozenges. We have made the choice of pellets to facilitate their use!

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What are the cosmetic properties of cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is known to have many uses. It is very good nourishing because it is rich in fat (to be consumed without moderation…).

Rich in flavonoids, it is also a very good anti-oxidant. In other words, it has soothing and healing benefits . But not only ! It is also known to have some slimming properties and to fight against cellulite (and yes, we all have them!) thanks to the caffeine present in the shell of the cocoa bean.

It also has vitamins to fight against skin aging, by stimulating collagen synthesis and promoting cell regeneration!

It can be used in skin care as well as in scalp care. 

It has so many qualities! It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, wouldn't it?

Cocoa butter, the ally of dry and atopic skin?

Finally, if we must remember one point, it is that cocoa butter is more suitable for dry, sensitive and atopic skin thanks to its fatty substances. It is therefore to be applied to your flaky and dry areas. It will definitely be your best ally in winter!

In what products is it found?

We told you, this butter is mainly nourishing! That is why it is mainly found in the composition of rich balms or creams. It is an excellent consistency factor for this type of cosmetic!

BeautyMix therefore uses it in particular in its recipe for lip balm, of deodorant and very soon… in its lipsticks, its multi-purpose balm and its massage bar! 

So, will you be tempt ? 😉


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