Hydrosols: what are they?

If you are a fan of our BeautyMix recipes or of homemade cosmetics in general, you should be aware of the hydrolats. But do you really know their role in your cosmetic products? Can they be used alone? Are they only actors in the scent of your products or do they have properties?

In this article, we will answer your questions and take you on a journey through pleasant scents! At BeautyMix, we offer four of them: rose, Orange Blossom, witch Hazel And pepper mint.

What is a hydrosol?

Also called " floral water ", a hydrosol is obtained following the distillation of a plant or a flower in order to obtain a essential oil. Following the distillation, the water vapor captures the aromatic molecules and keeps only the water-soluble ones. The fat-soluble molecules on their side are concentrated in the essential oil. After condensation of the water vapor by cooling, the essential oil floating on the surface of the water is separated, and the water is kept for its very interesting virtues as well. This is how the hydrosol is created! The hydrosols will therefore have properties as interesting as the essential oils which have enabled their production. Only their therapeutic properties will be less, because the molecules are very diluted. Remember that hydrosols are waters. Their actions are therefore light and their primary goal is to give a delicate smell to your products. 

When to use hydrosols?

Possessing great therapeutic, cosmetic or culinary properties, hydrosols are still little known compared to essential oils. However, it is worth including them in your routine because they can be used in several situations. We will be particularly interested in these in the context of cosmetics!

At first, you can use it as a lotion because the hydrosol is ideal for perfecting make-up removal, cleaning the skin, soothing it or decongesting it . To do this, you can spray it on your face or pour the product on a reusable cotton pad to gently apply all over your face. You can also diffuse it on your face in a steam bath.

For fans of Do It Yourself, you can replace the water you use to prepare your cosmetics (mask, cream, etc.) with your floral water. In this context, be sure to use a hydrosol adapted to your skin type.

Here are some examples:

  • for combination to oily skin: lavender, witch hazel, rose, peppermint
  • for dry skin: orange blossom, cornflower, chamomile... 
  • for sensitive skin: chamomile, witch hazel, rose, cornflower...
  • for mature skin: pink

How to store your hydrolat?

Your product should be stored away from light and at room temperature . It is important that after each use, you close your product properly to prevent it from deteriorating.

At BeautyMix, we offer you four hydrosols. Now let's take a closer look at each of them!

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Rose hydrosol

Resulting from the distillation process of rose petals, it has been used since antiquity, and is known for its regenerating and natural antibacterial properties.

Slightly moisturizing , rose water applied directly to the skin helps revitalize and smooth it.

This hydrolat is also decongestant so ideal to apply to your eyes after a short night's sleep...

integrated into your receipts BeautyMix, it brings a delicate and feminine scent . It will notably be present in most of our recipes: face cream, two-phase make-up remover, masque...

Our organic hydrosol is made with the petals of the Damask rosebush grown in Bulgaria and distilled in France.

Orange blossom hydrosol

Obtained by distillation of Bigaradier flower, orange blossom is the emblem of oriental perfumes. Highly cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, this hydrosol is known for its toning, revitalizing and soothing properties for the skin.

It is particularly appreciated by dry skin.

In your BeautyMix homemade cosmetics recipes, its fragrance will be highly appreciated and conducive to escape. It is found in particular in the recipes of rich cream, scrub And shower gel.

Our hydrolat comes from flowers from Morocco and Tunisia and is distilled in France.

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Witch hazel hydrosol

Originally from North America, this hydrosol is obtained by distillation of Hamamelis leaves.

Known for its astringent and toning properties, it is particularly used in circulatory problems and very popular with oily and mature skin.

It is also recommended for sensitive skin to calm redness.

You can include it in homemade cosmetics recipes, especially when preparing crème, body milk or deodorant.

Our organic hydrolat is from and produced in France.

Peppermint hydrosol

Peppermint is a blend of two wild mints: green mint And aquatic. Known since antiquity, it is obtained by steam distillation of these plants with many virtues.

Used as a tonic or aftershave for a refreshing and purifying action. It also has the role of relieving irritation and redness .

Its fresh and intoxicating fragrance is highly appreciated, particularly in the context of recipes for shampoo And toothpaste.

Our organic hydrosol is from and produced in France.


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Team BeautyMix is a fan of orange blossom and peppermint hydrosol! And you, what are your favorite hydrosols?

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