SPOILER ALERT: YES to cinnamon in homemade cosmetics!
The new sebum-regulating expert

Is your skin oily and prone to acne? To take care of it, are you looking for a natural routine to fight against imperfections and want to make your homemade cinnamon-based cosmetics? Then you won't be able to do without our new active ingredient: le Cinacontrol +!


What is Cinacontrol+?

This French antibacterial active ingredient of 100% natural origin, based on cinnamon extract, was chosen by our cosmetologist to best respond to skin prone to imperfections (pimples, blackheads, dilated pores, shine) in adolescents as well as in the adults. Being patented and certified Cosmos, its effectiveness is no longer to be proven to regain healthy skin. Indeed, it purifies the skin and regulates excess sebum to effectively reduce blackheads within 4 weeks.

How will it revolutionize your routine?

The antibacterial active - Cinacontrol +, helps you dramatically improve the appearance of your skin, eliminating blemishes and making the skin clearer. It acts as a real protective shield that will prevent the proliferation of microorganisms on your skin and thus limit the formation of comedones. 

Indeed, the cells of your skin all have a life cycle and must naturally be eliminated. However, sometimes some of them need a little help to prevent your pores from being clogged and therefore avoid concentrations of sebum, which are the cause of inflammation and irritation of your skin. It is therefore here that this new active ingredient plays its full role by combating them and limiting the skin's reactivity linked to sebum.

In addition, its antibacterial action protects your skin from external bacteria and helps maintain the correct balance of your skin flora. You will therefore be able to say goodbye to the inflammation of microcysts linked to acne and say “goodbye” to pimples and blackheads. Oh yes, nothing more !   


Our little reminder: Be careful not to use edible cinnamon or in the form of essential oil in your homemade cosmetics, as it can cause allergies, irritation or even burns.

So ready to test the Cinacontrol + in your homemade cosmetics? Place your pre-orders now by clicking here !

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