Top 3 ingredients for winter!

In this new article, we will reveal the top 3 ingredients to use in winter and to integrate into your winter routine!

Argan oil: ally of hydration.

L’Argan Oil comes from a tree called the argan tree, which is found exclusively in Morocco. The fruit of the argan tree, which looks like a nut, contains almonds in its kernel which, once dried and cold pressed, will allow the oil to be extracted. This meticulous work requires 40kg of fruit to obtain 1 liter of this traditional elixir. 

Always used by Moroccan women for the protection of skin and hair, argan oil is renowned for its moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging properties.

and regenerating. This oil is non-comedogenic and can be used for

all skin types.

It is therefore the ideal partner for mature skin, even more so in winter.

since it will deeply nourish the skin, soothe redness and chapping. 


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Linseed gel: ally of your hair!

Do you know the gel of linen ? If this is not the case yet, you have to test this miracle product!

Similar to aloe vera, it is the local alternative, excellent moisturizer for the skin but also for the hair. You can make it yourself or buy it already made on our website online. It is made from flax seeds, rich in mucilage, which will swell on contact with water. This gel will have a more or less viscous texture.

It can be used as is on the skin of the face or body for its moisturizing side. In case of discomfort related to its tensor effect, it will suffice to incorporate it into a vegetable oil.

It is also an ally for the hair: it nourishes it deeply by providing softness and shine, ideal for dry hair sensitized by winter.

A single hazelnut that you can directly incorporate into your shampoo or conditioner or directly on the hair, is enough to bring them all the expected effects.


Hemp oil: anti-redness ally

Hemp, also called cannabis sativa L, is one of the oldest plants domesticated by man. It belongs to the cannabinaceae family.
It is an annual plant that grows wild all over the planet as a small bush or shrub with very characteristic leaves.

It germinates in spring and flowers from late summer until the end of October.

It is a species selected by botanists which is totally different from the cannabis used for its recreational effects since it has only a little THC (molecule with psychotropic effects) and a lot of CBD (cannabidiol). Thus, it does not lead to dependence or addiction.

10 to 40 times richer in omega 3 than other vegetable oils, hemp oil will provide high hydration, strengthen the hydrolipidic skin barrier and restore softness and elasticity to the skin. Its anti-inflammatory action soothes redness and skin irritations and is ideal for combating the inconveniences associated with the cold.

Applied in the morning, it will protect the skin from dehydration and leave it supple and satiny for the whole day. Discover the one we offer in our recipes just here.


Et voilà, vous connaissez notre sélection pour cet hiver !

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Hemp oil for the hair.
Its exceptional virtues!