What is the ideal set to get started in home cosmetics?
Discover the three BeautyMix ingredient kits!

Do you want to get into home cosmetics but don't know where to start? What ingredients obtain, whether to encourage the purchase of ingredients individually or in a box...

At BeautyMix, we imagined our robot to go along with boxes adapted according to your desires and your wishes. On our website, you can therefore discover three different boxes .

We tell you more in this blog post, to help you choose the one you like best!

A kit to start gently. ..

The first kit we offer is called the "starter kit".

This beautiful organic cotton kit contains all the ingredients to create your own face cream and your makeup remover. The quantity of products provided in the kit allow you to make these products several times !

In this kit you will find:

  • A vegetable oil

  • A hydrosol

  • A conservationist

  • an emulsifier

  • Glycerin

  • A 30ml glass pump bottle

All these ingredients are organic and carefully selected from local producers . It exists several kits whose ingredients are adapted according to your skin type. To know this one, do not hesitate to carry out our diagnosis of fair skin here.

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Find your bathroom essentials...

In this second box named "Your essentials", you will find even more ingredients!

With these, you will be able to make more everyday products like your toothpaste, your deodorant but also your lip balm, your micellar water, your shower gel And shampoo. This kit is more complete than the first and is suitable for those who wish to perform even more care on their own!

To see all the ingredients that are provided in this box, you can just discover it be.

In this box, as in the other two, the liquid ingredients are in reusable glass bottles and the solid ingredients are contained in kraft bags.

Realize ALL your products!

Our latest box is made up of all the ingredients to make all of our recipes!

The set "Total"understands"starter kit"and the box"Your essentials" combined. Together, they give you the keys to get started 100% in home cosmetics . In this box, you benefit from a spatula offered to help you weigh the ingredients.

So, will you be tempted by this box to become a homemade expert?

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