Why did we choose to work with Bel Air?
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THE hydrosols are essential in most receipts of homemade cosmetics that we offer. We love them because they give our cosmetics pretty, natural and pleasant scents. You know ours thanks to their glass packaging , their bamboo cap and our "BeautyMix" label that seals everything. But did you know that our hydrosols are selected from local producers and that once they are received, we repackage them in our famous packaging? We had informed you of our reflection and our desire to favor a shorter circuit. We have already begun to initiate this change as part of our vegetal oils where we now offer the brand directly Emma Christmas on our boutique. To continue to reduce our environmental impact in our logistics process as part of the management of our hydrosols, we have therefore made the decision to offer the products of our artisan producer partners directly. As a result, we now offer hydrosols from the distillery Bell Air on our website ! 

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For what Bell Air ?

We naturally turned to the Bel Air distillery for their environmental values , their organic and local agriculture advocating a short circuit and a circular economy.

The brand was created by three passionate distillers: Pierre, Hélio and Hannibal. One of their distilleries is in the Cevennes and the second in the Pyrenees. They mainly produce essential oils and high quality organic hydrosols but also cosmetics that are COSMOS certified. 

All their products are certified AB or COSMOS by Ecocert, labeled Sud de France and validated by the Slow Cosmetics. A guarantee of quality that meets the requirements that we wish to bring to you! The Bel Air brand guarantees the origin of all their raw materials from their own organic cultivation or from their local partners. Their other species come from the development of forest massifs and sustainable wild harvesting.

To sum up , this change allows us to favor the short circuit and to offer you quality hydrosols from a real traditional know-how .

To learn more about them, we invite you to take a look at their site :)

What does this change compared to "BeautyMix" hydrosols ?

Almost nothing, except the packaging and the quantity! And yes, now you will be able to take advantage of a larger format and you will be able to use a bottle much longer and make more recipes with it. Bel Air hydrolats are 200 ml . Many of you asked for more quantity and therefore wanted to answer your problem.

The quality remains there and you can continue to carry out your receipts with Bel Air hydrosols . We still offer the same scents: rose hydrosol, orange blossom, witch hazel and peppermint.

Only the hydrolats present in the case and the kits remain those that we proposed until now!

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