A gift idea for Mother's Day?
Discover our Mother's Day box!

Every year, we are looking for a personalized, unique and original gift for Mother's Day... So, we start looking for THE rare pearl, hoping that it will make this day special.

What if we told you that we are offering a beauty box especially for the occasion and in a limited edition? This box, we named it "For you Beauty"! An invitation to make your own homemade cosmetics for a better morning and evening routine.

We tell you everything about the new routine to offer your mom?

anti-aging cream mother's day box

A wellness routine

The safe "For you Beauty"is the perfect Mother's Day gift!

In this box, she will find all the natural cosmetic ingredients to create two receipts homemade cosmetics.

So for the occasion, we concocted a daily beauty routine with these two recipes from the category homemade cosmetic recipes.

We start with the morning routine, a natural skincare routine, the one she can why not include in her "Miracle Morning", if she likes the concept;)

  • Spray or apply to cotton a littlemicellar water to gently remove impurities and traces of make-up, for soft, clean skin.

  • Bring your "For you Beauty" box to make and use the antioxidant serum, a global solution that helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

  • Finally, apply a moisturizer on the whole face. Our homemade cosmetics recipes allow you to make a cream according to the type of skin and the needs of each one!

Une routine beauté complète du soir

Before going to sleep, what could be better than ending your day with facial treatments for the evening?

  • Starting by removing makeup is the key to a successful routine. Yes, at the end of the day, you want to remove the makeup worn all day and cleanse your skin thoroughly with suitable products. That's why we offer lots of homemade cosmetics recipes that are essential in this evening routine. To remove make-up from the skin, opt for a two-phase make-up remover home made. It will remove all types of makeup and even waterproof.

  • Then apply a apricot kernel scrub to eliminate dead cells on the surface of the skin. Our scrub recipe is not at all abrasive and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Finally, the star product of this routine is the thirst-quenching jelly mask. For softer, more supple, fresher and plumped skin!
    You will be able to make this last recipe thanks to the Mother's Day box .

quenching jelly mask
mother's day homemade cosmetic box

The Mother's Day box

You understood, this box will accompany your mom in her morning and evening routine! 

Indeed, she will be able to find there all the natural ingredients such as linseed gel, a flower hydrosol... to make her anti-oxidant serum and her thirst-quenching jelly mask .

This box is a limited edition for Mother's Day 2022 . We love its unique design to give our mom the gift that will accompany her in her daily life!


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