A beautiful and natural return to school with BeautyMix!

The start of the school year in September is an opportunity to make new resolutions , to initiate new habits and to explore new horizons. Homemade is the ability to easily and quickly create the products you really need and whose composition you control.

Our solution ? BeautyMix, the robot that makes homemade at your fingertips. Make your own care products and D'interview makes it possible to say goodbye to industrial products, and to rediscover true naturalness: ingredients controlled, reused packaging, less waste. A more eco-responsible way of consuming. It is also an opportunity to practice a fun activity, alone or with family around the world of Do It Yourself.

What if we build together the back-to-school routine that suits you thanks to our robot BeautyMix ? Let's go !

Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns


It's time for a morning shower with your shower gel And shampoo homemade. To wake up gently, opt for therose hydrosol or of Orange Blossom in order to make this moment a pleasant and enveloping moment.

Odoo- Sample #2 for three columns


I get out of my shower and hydrate my whole body with my body milk prepared with my BeautyMix.

I then apply my deodorant solid made with care the day before.

Odoo- Sample #2 for three columns


I brush my teeth with my toothpaste to lpeppermint hydrosol to feel cool or cool all morning. Ideally, I favor bamboo toothbrushes rather than plastic for a more responsible bathroom!

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns


I take care of my face by applying my micellar water as well as my light face cream prepared with my daughter a month ago. I added to it gel of linen to make it a very moisturizing cream, my skin sorely lacking in hydration at the moment.

Odoo - Sample #1 for three columns


I don't forget my solution hydroalcoolique prepared with the BeautyMix to take public transport and go to work. I also take my Hand cream with a creamy texture thanks to the natural emulsifier used in the recipe. 

Odoo- Sample #3 for three columns


A little touch of lipstick here we go ! I choose a raspberry color obtained thanks to pigment recommended by BeautyMix.

BeautyMix therefore offers the opportunity to create a personalized routine according to your needs, for yourself and for the whole family by only offering receipts only on the essentials of the bathroom and the home products.

Ready to embark on the adventure?

Make your own dishwashing liquid!