Organize a perfect day for Mother's Day!

June 7, 2020 is Mother's Day. It's the perfect day to create moments for your mom that she will remember. A successful day does not consist of the same activities for everyone. But we are going to give you some ideas to surprise her both in terms of activities and surprises around the theme of well-being and beauty...

Program of a perfect day!

A good day begins with a gentle awakening accompanied by a full breakfast! Not that we are positioning ourselves as nutrition experts, but here is an idea for a gourmet, fresh breakfast to stock up on vitamins: e Smoothie Bowl.

For this recipe, you will need fruits of your choice, to be adapted according to your mother's tastes and according to the seasonality. At this time, you can opt for apricot, strawberry, apple, melon... Mix all the chosen fruits and place the smoothie in a bowl. Decorate it with a granola of your choice (chocolate or fruit), some oilseeds (nuts and other seeds) which will provide the minerals, vitamins and fibers necessary for the body. You can also add grated coconut, chia seeds... Opt for an artistic and original decoration to give him a smile as soon as he wakes up!

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Create BeautyMix recipes together!

To occupy this morning, offer her a BeautyMix workshop to make her own care.

If your mother has a preference for taking care of the skin on her face, you can start creating the ideal face routine consisting of: apricot kernel scrub, of pink clay mask and some face cream (suitable for your skin type). In order to create the ideal care for him, carry out his skin diagnosis on the mobile application.

If she wants to concoct a routine for the body, you can again opt for the scrub and accompany it with milk in the bodyl, ideal for hydration.

This moment to share is ideal and she will be delighted to have been able to carry out her own homemade care, healthy and adapted to her skin!

A beautiful sunny afternoon and a beautiful end to the day!

For the afternoon, plan a picnic and a walk in nature. Nothing better than taking a simple and relaxing moment with your family during a beautiful walk in a park or in the forest.

For the picnic, favor seasonal fruits and vegetables and easily transportable foods. Also remember to hydrate yourself by bringing a bottle of fresh water with you. You can also take a flower water to spray on your face during this walk. Finally, remember to protect yourself from the sun. Stay tuned, because soon we will be launching the summer DIY week. During this week, we will give you all our tips for taking care of your skin before, during and after exhibitions...

When you get back from your walk, suggest that your mum try out together the treatments carried out in the morning with your BeautyMix. Nothing better than ending the day with a touch of cocooning and well-being. 

Our advice :

  • For the scrub, we recommend that you first cleanse your skin with micellar water. Then take a dab of product and work it all over your body and/or your face in rotation for one to two minutes. Then rinse off the excess product with clear water. 

  • The masque Apply a thin layer to the entire face and neck with fingers or a brush. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it off with clean water.

  • The crème and the body milk just apply to the fingers. Apply these and work the products well into your skin.

This moment of sweetness and relaxation will mark the end of a beautiful day!

And the gift?

This year, we suggest you offer your mum a gift card. This card will allow her to participate in a one-hour BeautyMix workshop, during which she will create her personalized face cream !

You can also participate in this workshop with her, because we have set up a duo gift card to share this moment! Good idea, right?

If you want to give her this moment, it's just here.

So, happy day to all the moms!

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