Upcycling of BeautyMix products!

It was in the 90s that Reiner Pilz, an engineer by training, developed the concept of Upcycling . An increasingly popular term and practice, theUpcycling consists of recovering materials or finished products that are no longer used and reusing them for a new use. But not just any! The goal is to enhance these objects, give them a new life, much more beautiful. In other words: we recycle and we recycle well

At BeautyMix, we start from the principle that everything can be reused and that it is possible to make beautiful things with just a few accessories. Upcycling is also part of this incredible universe that is Do It Yourself because there are a thousand and one ways to express your creativity and build something great with products that you recycle.

A fun activity that will also appeal to children! So why not offer them to tackle this great activity with you? During the holiday period, this is the best opportunity to plan a special Upcycling program. So in this article dedicated to Upcycling, we have decided to give you three ideas to achieve with your containers empty BeautyMix. Let's go !

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Upcycling 1: Make a soap dish with our bamboo stoppers

The containers of our ingredients consist of glass bottle and bamboo caps. Once finished, do not throw them away and think about reusing them!

You don't need to be equipped with a lot of gear for this Upcycling. All you need is: 

  • A glue gun

  • six caps

Let's go ! Step number one is just to separate your caps from the bottle.

Step two : take your glue gun or a rather strong glue (which you can get in supermarkets).

Step three : create a dot of glue on one end of the cork and repeat this operation for each of them.

Step four : glue the corks together.

Step five : well no, no step five because that's it, your soap dish is ready to use! In just five minutes you have a great soap dish for your bathroom :)


Upcycling 2: Reuse your ingredient bottles to make new containers for your recipes

Are your glass bottles finished? No worries, we know what to do with it! You can completely reuse them to pour your new preparations of receipts. Who said giving empty containers a quick second was complicated?

For this Upcycling, you will only need:

We are launching! Step number one here is to prepare your empty bottles and the number of pumps you want.

Step two : remove the labels from your finished products.

Step three : put your bottles in boiling water to eliminate any bacteria that may have entered them.

Step four : let your vials dry then wipe them with a cloth soaked in 70 degree alcohol.

Step five : pour your recipe into your clean bottle and close it with your pump.

With this, we avoid throwing away these empty containers and we decline their use to infinity by creating recipes for the whole family!

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Upcycling 3: Reuse your empty bottles as a vase for your dried flowers

For this last tip, we suggest using your empty glass bottles as a container or vase for your flowers. Leave them as they are or customize your bottles so that they fit perfectly into your decoration.

So you only need two things:

  • Un flacon

  • Some flowers (here dried)

Are you ready ? Step number one is to create a small bouquet of the flowers of your choice and to surround them if you wish with a linen cord.

Step two : remove the label from your finished product.

Step three : put your bottle in boiling water to eliminate any bacteria that may have entered it.

Step four : let your bottle dry then wipe it with a cloth soaked in 70 degree alcohol.

Step five : fill your bottle with water (if it's fresh flowers).

Step six : put your bouquet of flowers inside.

In just a few steps you have a new, pretty little decoration !

We hope that these few Upcycling tips will have made you want to reproduce them or imagine many others! Do not hesitate to share your achievements with us alone or with your children, we would be happy to watch them.

In the meantime, do you measure the importance of carrying out creative activities such as Upcycling? We explain everything to you in our previous article just here !

Do it yourself, the solution to free your mind and feel good!