What products will she put in her bag this summer?
The four essential home-made products!

It is not always easy to make the choice among the products that we want to take with us on vacation. How many products, for what use, how often, in what container... So many questions that we necessarily ask ourselves when packing our bags.

Today, I give you the four homemade cosmetic products to take with you this summer!

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The after sun body milk

It is obvious that it is one of the products that we advise you to have on you this summer.

By having this product with you, you can use it immediately after exposure to the sun, during an outing to the beach, in the forest, during a walk or bike ride...

At any time of the day when you feel your skin sensitized and dehydrated , the body milk prepared with your BeautyMix will be your best ally.

It is easily transportable in its glass container and easy to use thanks to pump bottle. You can slip it into any of your bags.

The little extra : this body milk is enriched with oily carrot macerate, ideal for giving you a tanned complexion!

L'hair oil

Your hair also needs special care during your vacation. With the various exposures to the sun, sea water rich in salt or pool water high in chlorine, it is essential to provide your hair with the appropriate products.

We advise you to apply your hair oil in the morning and/or evening but also whenever you feel it is necessary. Indeed, it can be used as a “dry” oil, to be applied in small quantities to all the lengths up to the ends.

Like milk, it is easy to transport and its plastic container pump bottle allows you to apply the right amount.

The little extra : both vegetal oils used in the recipe perfume your hair and envelop it in a gourmet scent.

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L'flower hydrosol

High temperatures are sometimes difficult to bear and we often want to cool down by drinking or eating something cool... But also by applying a cool solution to our skin.

Regularly applying flower water to the skin provides an instant feeling of freshness. We advise you to spray it on your face and décolleté as often as you wish.

Also easy to carry, put thehydrosol of your choice in a bottle with spray for an even spray in fine droplets.

The little extra : on our Online Store, you can choose between rose, orange blossom, peppermint or witch hazel hydrosol.

To learn more about our hydrolats, we invite you to read our blog article on this subject, just here.

The gel hydroalcoolique

Let's not forget that it is still very important and essential to be careful and to disinfect your hands as regularly as possible this summer.

Take care of yourself and those around you by using your homemade hydroalcoholic gel in order to fight against the spread of viruses and bacteria,

Easy to slip into your bag, we also offer to keep your preparation in a glass pump bottle for quick use!

The little extra : our anti-bacterial solution follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization for routine hand antisepsis.

And you, what are you carrying in your bag for this summer?


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