Anti-stress routine during exams!
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During our life, there are times when we live at full speed, whether in a personal or professional context. And since we are right in the period of the Brevet and the Bac, we know that this period of exams also generates a lot of stress. Many of us have been there or soon it will be the case... And at that moment, our body and our mind can show us the growing anxiety, provoking physical and psychological reactions.

This stress can result in visible effects on morale... and the skin! Redness, dull complexion, skin aging... Stress does damage! So it is essential to allow yourself moments in "slow life" mode, for a parenthesis in this period when everything seems insurmountable.

In this blog article, we share with you our anti-stress routine to take care of yourself during exams in order to better understand and pass them!

A special routine to manage stress!

When we are stressed, skin problems can quickly appear: imperfections, pimples, hyperseborrhoea, appearance of problems such as eczema... Beyond the skin, the hair can also take a hit... Dandruff, hair loss, dryness problems. Stress lets nothing pass and depending on the individual and the extent of the stress, the consequences can be more or less accentuated. 

So how can we be more serene and soothe our emotions during these exam periods to minimize these effects? Create moments of relaxation with great homemade treatments, adapted to the situation and to help you relax. 

Light a scented candle or turn on your essential oil diffuser and off you go!

What morning routine to start the day off right?

Start the day by energizing your body and mind!

After a good shower at room temperature, activate your speaker and scroll through the music from your favorite playlist.

To start your treatments, opt for the recipe formicellar water. To be sprayed in fine droplets all over the face, this will give the skin an immediate feeling of freshness and calm.

Then, let's stay in simplicity and minimalism by applying the antioxidant serum. This serum is ideal for periods of stress because it provides the skin with all the benefits it needs by preventing skin aging and dehydration. In addition, it revives the radiance of the skin! A real nugget when our skin undergoes our daily anguish.

Finally, we end this morning routine with the healthy glow cream. Celle-ci est enrichie en macérât huileux de carotte connu pour son effet bonne mine et pour donner un teint légèrement hâlé. Comme si on était en vacances au soleil finalement !

So arm yourself with your BeautyMix and prepare this great routine that will do your skin good in times when the pressure is on.

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The evening routine to sleep well...

In the evening, after a day rich in emotions and punctuated by revisions, opt for a quiet moment. 

Turn on your essential oil diffuser one hour before going to bed so that your environment is purified of all bad energies and you can sleep peacefully there.

Then apply your clay mask in thin layer on the whole of your face and leave it pose 15 min. Depending on your problem, choose the clay that suits you. Green clay is known to regulate sebum, promote healing and soften the skin. The pink clay, meanwhile, will soften, purify and give radiance to the complexion.

Meanwhile, prepare yourself a good herbal tea and choose a captivating book in which to immerse yourself in the rest of the evening.

With this evening routine, you'll be ready for a good night's sleep!

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