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BeautyFact | 16 July 2021

Why do I have redness?

In this article, we will focus on a common phenomenon that can be very disabling: redness.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 3 January 2023

Aging of the skin ...

We are going to talk about aging skin! Rest assured, no one escapes this phenomenon.
Gebhard Sophie
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BeautyFact | 30 June 2021

The hair ... and the sun!

Protect your hair and enjoy all the benefits of the sun with a few simple tips: we explain everything!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 29 June 2021

Dry feet alert!

We are going to reveal the tips to you to fully enjoy your afternoon swimming pool, barbecue and other outings in sandals!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 28 June 2021

Take care of yourself after sun exposure!

Yep, our "perfect tan" mission is coming to an end. But don't worry! This long-term work will be able to continue!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 27 June 2021

Summer and insect bites ... Bzz!

In this article, we'll give you some tips to make the most of this summer without worrying about insect bites!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 26 June 2021

Sunburn alert!

Today we are going to focus on a somewhat… painful subject!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 25 June 2021

Acne and Sun - Adverse Effects

In this article, zoom in on one of the sun's problems on the face: acne.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 24 June 2021

What is sweating?

Why am I sweating? How to control perspiration odours? Follow the guide, we explain everything!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 23 June 2021

All you need to know about tanning!

But what exactly is a tan? How does our skin get this tanned complexion? Zoom on the holy grail of summer!
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 23 June 2021

How to properly prepare your skin for the sun?

This article will give you ALL the secrets to best prepare your skin for the sun and thus reconcile it with it.
Gebhard Sophie
BeautyFact | 22 June 2021

Back to basics - What is the skin?

Little course of dermatology / cosmetics for dummies! Let's discover together how our skin is made, to take better care of it.
Gebhard Sophie

Pharmaceutical, food or household bicarbonate?

What makes pharmaceutical bicarbonate different from food or even household bicarbonate? When and how to use them? We tell you everything!
Gebhard Sophie

What is hemp oil?

You certainly did not miss this new oil that everyone is talking about: hemp oil. What are its specificities in cosmetics?
Gebhard Sophie
Care | 14 May 2021

A moment of well-being for Mother's Day!

Out of inspiration? Need a gift idea ? For Mother's Day, BeautyMix offers you two boxes to create your homemade cosmetics!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 30 April 2021

DIY ideas for children: create a natural and glittery shower gel!

a homemade, natural and personalized shower gel recipe
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 15 February 2022

DIY ideas for children: create a self-hardening paste!

Give your children the opportunity to make their own personalized decorations!
Gebhard Sophie
Routines BeautyMix | 14 March 2022

A new beauty routine for this Spring?

For this spring, turn to new, more appropriate homemade cosmetic recipes to take care of yourself and those around you!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 10 February 2022

DIY ideas for children: create colorful candles!

Discover our recipe for personalized and colored candles, to make with your children. A recipe for secure creative leisure for a fun time!
Gebhard Sophie
Lifestyle | 4 April 2021

Ideas for DIY activities for children!

Gebhard Sophie