Recipe: Toothpaste


Ingredient list
Recipient: Small tank (250mL)
Choose the desired quantity : mL
10.0 g
0.25 g
29.05 g
0.5 g
0.2 g
7.5 g

Containers to use:
1 x Flacon (50 mL)
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90 days

7.64 €
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This toothpaste freshens breath and helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. Highly effective natural ingredients have been selected to effectively protect and clean teeth.

Skin type: all types of teeth.

Concerns: healthy teeth and gums.

Texture : une texture gélifiée et argileuse.

Smell: characteristic of peppermint hydrosol.

Number of ingredients: 8

% of natural origin: 99%

vegan: yes

An excellent score on Yuka: 86/100


Description of ingredients:

Water: it is the solvent of the recipe. It dissolves the other ingredients.

Peppermint hydrosol: Certified organic hydrosol from France, suitable for combination, oily, acne-prone skin, with astringent and invigorating properties to purify and rebalance while reducing redness.

Glycerin: Moisturizing agent of plant origin (flax and rapeseed), certified organic and sourced in France, high concentration to provide softness and suppleness.

Thickener: natural thickener, Cosmos certified, allows you to make homemade gels, stabilize emulsions.

Ultra-gentle foaming agent: Mild surfactant, Cosmos certified, which gently cleanses the skin.

Mild preservative: Cosmos certified allows the product to be preserved for 3 months, avoiding the proliferation of micro-organisms

Calcium carbonate: Natural thickener and opacifier, Cosmos certified, allowing cleaning by mechanical action when rubbing the toothbrush.

White clay (kaolin): 100% natural agent with purifying, absorbing and purifying properties, ideal for combating imperfections


INCI : Mentha piperita flower/leaf/stem water, calcium carbonate, glycerin, kaolin, aqua, benzyl alcohol, xanthan gum, sodium cocoyl glutamte, dehydroacetic acid, sodium chloride

pH of the recipe: between 8 and 9


Precaution before use:

For a first use, test your skin's tolerance to this new product by applying a small amount in the bend of the elbow. Wait 24 hours to confirm no reaction, then you can use your product normally.

Use :

Daily use. On a damp toothbrush, apply a dab of toothpaste. Brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse. Use daily, after each meal.

BeautyMix advice:

Respect the recommended brushing time, which is approximately 2 to 3 minutes, then remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months.


Precautions before starting

Before starting, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the work surface and the utensils: the prepared products will go on the skin, it is therefore necessary to avoid any microbial contamination!

Thoroughly clean the BeautyMix. Then, soak a clean cloth in 70° alcohol (available in supermarkets) and use it to disinfect the BeautyMix tank and all the utensils. Let dry.

Clean the work surface and remove objects that could get in the way.

Place a clean paper towel on the work surface, and place the utensils on it. Have available: a clean teaspoon or spatula, and a clean, dry container for pouring the preparation once ready. Wash hands thoroughly.

Respect the dosages indicated for the ingredients of the recipe.
Need more information ? Consult the "Getting Started" page.
Suggested products
Thoroughly disinfect the work surface and the BeautyMix with 70° alcohol and clean paper.
Place the flat mixer in the bowl. Place the BeautyMix tank on the scale and perform the tare (zero) by pressing the T key.
Weigh the required amount of glycerin.
10.0 g
Press T to reset the scale to 0, then add the required amount of thickener.
0.25 g
Thoroughly disperse the thickener in the glycerine with a clean spatula or spoon.
Tare (zero) the scale by pressing the T key. Weigh the required quantity of peppermint hydrosol.
29.05 g
Tare (zero) the scale by pressing the T key. Weigh the required amount of ultra mild foaming agent.
0.5 g
Tare (zero) the scale by pressing the T key. Weigh the required amount of preservative.
0.2 g
Place the tank on the BeautyMix, and press the button twice to start the blue program. This step allows the thickener to be well dispersed.
Place the tank back on the scale, and weigh the required amount of calcium carbonate.
7.5 g
Tare and weigh the required amount of white clay.
2.5 g
Put the bowl on the base then homogenize with the blue program by pressing the button twice, using a spatula or spoon to help the mixture. Tip: add a little water to adjust the consistency if necessary.
Then transfer the toothpaste to a clean bottle with a pump.
And There you go !